The UK food export market was worth over €12 billion to the UK economy during 2012. Whilst whisky, confectionery, dairy produce, seafood and meat are the main products shipped broad, many more items are exported, from both large manufacturers and cottage industries.

Drac is involved in the export of both seasonal and non-seasonal produce, including the provision of freight management services to cereal manufacturers. Drac has enjoyed steady growth with clients involved in the export of fish and confectionery requiring refrigerated containers (Reefers) which ensure a constant temperature is maintained, with similar methods used in air transport.

Drac currently provides the following specific services:

  • Export and Import shipments of both frozen and dry foodstuffs.
  • Documentation and customs clearance.
  • Understanding of the documentary requirements for export / import of foodstuffs, includng health certificates.
  • Competitive pricing for both sea and air shipments.
  • Warehousing storage and order picking
  • Insurance, on request

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